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a place in Helsinki for improvisation and instant composition

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A first glimpse into that negative space.

On Sunday I met with five of the performers who will take part in the Nothing Fields on Friday the 11th, the only missing one being Lucy Suggate, who will join us on Thursday from Copenhagen. We discussed the concept for the project and refered to the idea of ‘negative choreography’ as described by Jaana Parviainen in the article you can read here. But for the most time we took the space to dance, sit and watch, dance some more, make tea, write, read, chat, draw, sleep, dance and dance…

It is an amazing privilege to see people do what they love to do and what they do best, whenever they just to do that, letting go of all the training, the expectations, the self-consciousness, the pre-concepts. It’s such a joy to behold, to see them dance out with innocence and ingenuity and, at the same time, self-confidence and integrity.

It is indeed a challenge, but one that the group has taken on with great enthusiasm and gusto. I saw at times with incredible clarity, the power of dance, movement that rips the universe, opens chasms and exposes the wounds. Insightful, playful, joyful, inspirational.

The Nothing Fields will open a day long event organized and hosted by The Helsinki Meeting Point, on Friday May 11th, in Galleria Augusta in Suomenlinna. The Nothing Fields will run from 15.00 to 18.00 and will see six dancers alternating on stage: Gabriela Aldana-Kekoni, Riikka Theresa Innanen, Jyrki Haapala, Sanna Myllylahti, Satu Rekola and Lucy Suggate.

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A new season begins: the HMP + The Nothing Fields

The Helsinki Meeting Point returns on May 11th at Galleria Augusta, in Suomenlinna, starting at 19.00. The usual two improvised sessions of 30min each will be performed by a unique and unprecedented ensemble of dancers and musicians.

Earlier in the same afternoon, starting at 15.00, the HMP presents The Nothing Fields,  a concept by choreographer Michael Kliën for a dance installation where the visitors are welcome to come and go, sit, observe, walk or converse.
Six exceptional dancers take their turn on the dance floor to do nothing but dance themselves. Around it: benches, blankets, a tea and coffee-station, a bookshelf with a selection of books, drawing paper, notepads and pencils. Being in the wake of dancers in full flight, the audience is invited to utilise the time for inspiration, reflection and new thinking.

The Nothing Fields is curated by Giorgio Convertito and will feature Gabriela Aldana-Kekoni, Riikka Theresa Innanen, Jyrki Haapala, Sanna Myllylahti, Satu Rekola and Lucy Suggate (UK).


“For some time now my work has been concerned with the creation of fields, spaces or realms for embodied thought to take hold of the presence and reveal otherwise hidden realities. Realities that shamelessly disobey the dutiful ordering efforts, world-building and conventions of conscious minds: being in constant flux, unbound by stubborn mental-frames that rise through individuals and hives. (…) Maybe ‘NOTHING FIELDS’ is an attempt to clear and secure a space for the dancer to loosen his/her grip on the situation and become primal energy, a life giving something, a human being in the cradle of its context – to assume her, and with him all of our, role in the larger context of the living. It is for the choreographer to clear and prepare the stamping ground. It is for the dance to become fire for the village to gather around, to share modes of being that we all know, hidden in the figments of our flesh.”   MICHAEL KLIEN