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a place in Helsinki for improvisation and instant composition

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“If I wave something in the air…” – interview with James Andean

As the Helsinki Meeting Point Extended Edition returns, so do the interviews that become so much enjoyed last year. First one of this new series is canadian born, Helsinki based musician and composer James Andean.

Musician, composer, recording engineer, researcher – James Andean‘s competence is as varied and of as diverse origin as his tutti-frutti instrumentarium which he combines with a portion of Scotch stubbornness, New World initiative and an inexhaustible work discipline. James also has a most fruitful ability to switch from elaborate eloquence and precise articulation to complete spontaneity and crackling frenzy in a second, and one can only admire how in him, the well-reflected craftsman and the Homo Ludens co-exist in macrotonal harmony.


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The HMP presents: “Skinner Releasing Technique into Creating (Instant) Dances”, a workshop with Lily Kiara

In the workshop we’ll makes direct relations between the use of imagery and the making of dances, the dancing body and the imagination. Listening is a crucial part of the work, while being still and while dancing. Both the listening to and integrating of inner body and surrounding space, make the self more available for what is asked for in a dancing situation. There is a continuous interchange between allowing things to happen and making them happen. Training to create readiness and the ability to respond, supports the clarifying of issues that come up during the creative process. We will go deeply into the (inner) body and experience how from there we can directly move into creating dances, alone or in the group.

The workshop moves into the depth of the body as well as the depth of the making. An ongoing interest is to encourage and refine the aliveness of the many layers in the dancing body and to integrate this in the dance making.

LILY KIARA, dance artist / singer-songwriter / poet / teacher, has been making dance performances since 1989. Her current performance is SAYA IKAN / I AM A FISH. She has made work and trained in European countries as well as in USA, Australia, Indonesia. She is a certified SRT teacher since 2001. She released 2 solo albums, 2 solo EP’s, and one album with poetry by Julyen Hamilton. She runs her own label for music and poetry, Sibyl Sings.

Liisa Pentti’s Studio, Henry Fordin katu 6, Helsinki
5-6.12.2012, 12.00-16.00

workshop fee: 60€/80€
to register write an email to giorgioconvertito(at)gmail(dot)com
or call 050.5619484
please register before November 30.

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The Helsinki Meeting Point Extended Edition 2012 – Festival for free dance and music improvisation

We are pleased to announced another HMP Extended Edition after last year very exciting experience. The second HMP Extended Edition presents a completely new lineup of performers, four dancers and four musicians, who will meet together two days before the performance, giving them more time to get to know each other, dicuss their views on improvisation as well as scores and ideas for the performances. All the artists will be present on both performance nights, in different constellations as well as a full size group, making for a very special version of the established HMP format.
The venue will be again Hurjaruuth Dance Theatre, in the Cable Factory.

Also, on Saturday 8th of December at 17.00, in the Hurjaruuth foyer, there will an open discussion about improvisation with the professional artists and the audience. More information about this will follow soon. Participation to the discussion is free of charge.

The HMP Extended Edition 2012


James Andean (sounds)
Lily Kiara (dance)
Libero Mureddu (piano and keyboards)
Ulla Mäkinen (dance)
Aino Ojanen (dance)
Saara Rautio (harp)
Anni Rissanen (dance)
Eero Savela (trumpet)

Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth: Friday 7 and Saturday 8 December, 19.00
Tickets: 10 €, all tickets include entrance to both of the performances.
Booking: kaisa(dot)liisa(dot)kukkonen(at)gmail(dot)com / 041 436 1793