Helsinki Meeting Point

a place in Helsinki for improvisation and instant composition

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HMP Practice Session #6

The sixth HMP practice session is taking place on Saturday 30.8 at 12.00 in Zodiak studio B2 and will be led by Pia Lindy.

(Re)searching the unknown.

Questions we will play with: How to extend and when to extend with the material what occurs in a duet or a group improvisation. Is there a way to support a surprise? How would you do that in your working?

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The Helsinki Meeting Point presents: Duets

Three duets of improvised dance and music at the Arkadia International Bookshop, Thursday, August 28 at 18.00.


Anni Elif Egecioglu & Anni Inkeri Rissanen
Juuso Hannukainen & Raisa Vennamo
Moritz Cartheuser & Riikka Theresa Innanen

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