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HMP Practice Session #7

The seventh HMP practice session is taking place on Saturday 27.9. at 12-15 in Teak and was led by Sergio Castrillón.


Fundamentation and development.
The idea of performance exploration and creation in real time comes from my personal experience in the practice of free improvisation and music heuristics, not only with musicians but also with different kind of artists such as dancers, actors, painters, drawers and poets.
The main purpose is to explore extended techniques through the available means (body, musical instruments, objects, etc.) in a non-prepared or non-rehearsed situation and physical space.
Practical activities as well as philosophical approaches about improvisation and creation in real time will be taken in account during the session. All participants will take part in discussing some questions related to the topics.
Note: It is not necessary to be an expert in the matter (if those ones do exist); the discussions can be approached from personal experiences and individual ideas.
Another crucial point to explore in this session consists in how important is the connection and interaction among two or more different artists, specially coming from different fields. In addition, the participants will explain how has been their relationship with the audience and how important is in their performances.
The last issue to be approached in this session is how to create a mental state in performance situation. That aims to analyze how it affects the performance itself and how it creates a sort of “energetic field” that conveys certain impulses to the other performers and the audience.

-Warming up jam session (Duos, trios, groups)

– Avoid the cliché?
Discussion and practices about exploring unknown territories in our personal performance.
Try to find something new in real time? Create an improvised performance based on the knowledge and experiences? Whatever works?
What do you consider as improvisation? What do you consider as performance exploration? What do you consider as creation in real time?

– Keeping the tension?
Discussion and practices about the connection with other performers and audience.
Is it worth it time awareness in performance? Is visual contact important in the performance? Which ways do you use to achieve connection or interaction with the other performers? With the audience? Can we talk about a successful improvisation creation in real time?

Note: The session will be focused on practical activities. DON´T PANIC!!!