Helsinki Meeting Point

a place in Helsinki for improvisation and instant composition

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The Helsinki Meeting Point presents: Solos @ Höyhentämö 17.10.2014

For the first time The Helsinki Meeting Point presented solos. Four performers showed improvised solos and the evening concluded with a quartet improvisation.

Salla Hakkola (electric harp)
Ville Hukkinen (percussions and vocals)
Pia Lindy (dance)
Paula Tuovinen (dance)

Tickets: 3€-21€, pay what you can afford.


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HMP Practice Session #8

The Practice Session #8 took place on Saturday 25.10. at 12-15 at Zodiak studio B2 and was led by Sami Henrik Haapala.

In this HMP session we’ll be examining impulse. In my doctoral research I’m examining impulse as a starting point for dance, acting or other performing. I’m considering impulse as the smallest possible unit in performing. The impulse can be physical, emotional or intellectual. It may be born in the senses or in the mind. It may be something completely different. Impulse as a concept is very familiar to improvisation in dance, but I’m confident the thinking about impulse can be developed further and transformed. I’m searching for a way to a more specific and more precise use of impulse in any action.

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