Helsinki Meeting Point

a place in Helsinki for improvisation and instant composition

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“The Helsinki Meeting Point presents: an IMMERSIVE LISTENING research project”


Vapaa Taiteen Tila, Friday 28.8 at 19.00

The Helsinki Meeting Point is presenting the work of an IMMERSIVE LISTENING research project where five improvising artists spend three nights in a cabin near the wilderness and return straight to Helsinki to perform.

The research question is how being in the wilderness affects improvisation, and the focus is on ways in which we relate to each other (and to improvisation itself) and ways in which we listen/tune-in (to oneself, to the other, to the environment).

The event starts with an open discussion between the participants on what happened during those three nights and their perspective on the topic. The group will then perform an improvisation as a reflection on the process, followed by a Q&A with the audience. Coffee, tea, and biscuits will be available throughout the event.


Nadja Pärssinen (FI), contemporary dance
Heidi Seppälä (FI), contemporary dance
Heini Harjaluoma (FI), contemporary dance
Alicia Burns (US), voice
Katarina Sjöblom (FI), violin
Laonikos Psimikakis-Chalkokondylis (GR), el. guitar, electronics

This is part of Laonikos’ final thesis project, investigating how being in the wilderness affects improvisation.

Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Vilhovuorenkuja 16, 00500 Helsinki, Finland

Tickets: 8/4€ cash only (free entrance for University of the Arts students)

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HMP workshop by Sten Rudstrom: Ta(l)king Your Head Off!!


Ta(l)king Your Head Off!!

Dismantling the Left-Brain Conspiracy and Entering the Explosive, Colorful, Absurdity of Experiential Speech

In this workshop, you will explore an embodied way of speaking, using language that originates from and resonates in the body. You will experience your speech from a kinesthetic position. You learn how to sense your language as you speak it and allow that sensing to influence the manufacture of each new word from a dual-hemisphere perspective. Our goal is that language be a transformational experience rather than a self-limiting, rational, judgmental arena.

Ta(l)king Your Head Off is intended for dancers who want to feel their text in the flesh, actors who want to feel the flesh of their text, those who find joy in the use of language, as well as, those who hope to find that joy.

Fri. 12.12. 18-21:00
Sun. 14.12. 10:30-14:30
Esitystaiteen keskus
Suvilahti, Puhdistamo,
Kaasutehtaankatu 1/33,
00540 Helsinki

Info & Registration:
Giorgio Convertito
Tel. +358 505 619 484
Please register before December 10th
Sten Rudstrom has been working in the field of improvisation for the last 25 years. He teaches and performs internationally, founded the improvisation group EAT (Sabine von der Tann, Andres Noormets, Kate Hilder, and Peter Krempelsetzer) and is, also, a member of Streugut (Ingo Reluecke, Zufit Simon, Martin Clausen, and Alexander Frangenheim). In 1986, he met Ruth Zaporah, is one of the few Certified Senior Teachers and has continued to work with Action Theater™ since that time. With Satu Palokangas, he has developed The Core of Expression, a somatics and improvisation embodiment training that is currently being booking internationally. His workshops are inspiring, exciting and challenging. He has a 3 year old son and is re-learning how to improvise and let go of outcomes.

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HMP Practice Session #6

The sixth HMP practice session is taking place on Saturday 30.8 at 12.00 in Zodiak studio B2 and will be led by Pia Lindy.

(Re)searching the unknown.

Questions we will play with: How to extend and when to extend with the material what occurs in a duet or a group improvisation. Is there a way to support a surprise? How would you do that in your working?

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HMP Practice Session #5 – Summer Camp

The fifth Practice Session will be a special one, a loooong one. We have 5 hours at Esitystaiteen Keskus on a beautiful Thursday in July to practice the art of improvisation.

The facilitators will be chosen from the people who join that day, so bring your ideas along. You can also send thoughts on this event page.

Kaisa and Giorgio will take care of the time. We will also have a proper lunch break.

Esitystaiteen Keskus, 17.7 at 12.00

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The Helsinki Meeting Point Classic @ Forum Box 6.6.2014

The Helsinki Meeting Point, dance and music improvisation event, returns with the usual two improvised sessions of 30min each, where creativity, intuition and instant composition create a fresh, inspiring and entertaining performance.

Tatjana Romanova (dance), Sami Haapala (dance), Mira Kautto (dance), Kirill Bojev (saxophone), Marc Vilanova (saxophone) and Sergio Andrés Castrillón (cello).

Forum Box, Helsinki, Friday 6th of June 2014, 19.00

Kirill Bojev (saxophone)
Sergio Andrés Castrillón Arcila (cello)
Sami Henrik Haapala (dance)
Mira Kautto (dance)
Tatjana Romanova (dance)
Marc Vilanova (saxophone)




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HMP Practice Session #4

The fourth HMP practice session is taking place on Saturday 24.5 at 12-15 in Zodiak studio C4 and will be led by Alejandro Olarte (

Unlocking Dionysus.
The classic opposition between Apollo and Dionysus illustrates our understanding of different regions of the mind and of the spirit. Certain intellectual qualities and high values are linked to Apollo while other passions and more subconscious process usually refer to Dionysus. When practicing artistic improvisation does it make sense to use this image and split the process related with the reason against others related with the impulses, reflexes and desires? Could we design performance situations that reveal this internal duality? can we free the animal inside us for artistic purposes? Is that helpful at all?

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HMP Practice Session #1

The HMP Practice Session #1 will be on Saturday 15.2 in Zodiak’s space B2, from 12.00 to 15.00. This first session will be led by Giorgio Convertito.

The session will begin with a warm-up focused on the use of space. After that we will practice the classic HMP format, the half hour long improvisation, adressing the issue of the specific duration, endings and developing themes.