Helsinki Meeting Point

a place in Helsinki for improvisation and instant composition

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The Helsinki Meeting Point presents: Lihaa Tilassa & Layers @ Ylioppilasteatteri 18.4.2015

The Helsinki Meeting Point presents this time works by artists engaged in the practice of improvisation. With this non-standard HMP event, we are happy to open a new window into this art form.

Saturday 18.4.2015, 19:00

Ylioppilasteatteri, Mannerheimintie 3 B, Helsinki

Tickets: 8/4€ cash only (free entrance for members of Ylioppilasteatteri)
Following the performances the audience is warmly invited to stay for a feedback session, specially structured to help supporting the work of the artists.

LIHAA TILASSA is an improvisation group established 2014 in Helsinki. The group consists of dance artists Aino Ojanen, Noora Aaltonen and Nadja Pärssinen and sound artist Joonatan Elokuu. Light artist Juho Ryhänen will also take part in the performance at Ylioppilasteatteri.

“Our performance is a dialogue between movement, music and light. Three dancers, musician and a light artist come together in a space and create a performance, where improvisation and the storytelling have no preset rules. The form an the the meaning of the performance are born unexpectedly in the now.”

LAYERS – TWO IMPROVISATION SOLOS by Pia Lindy and Heini Nukari
“We both have a wide experience working with improvisation on performance. We decided to come together and share a process of making solo improvisations hoping to find new skills, layers, directions and to break some old routines. We are both also interested in how sound and talking can be part of the moving.”

Heini Nukari: For me improvisation is a very accurate and concentrated working tool which allows me to continually regenerate and develop movement and vocal material. I like to be pushed out of my comfort zone towards unknown waters where I might not be sure about my identity anymore. I am interested in exploring the multiple human layers which we all have inside us.

Pia Lindy: How to jump into the unknown without losing myself totally or if that happens, what then? How to stay open to different kinds of dialogues and ways of articulating the unknown? How is the society embodied and visible in me?

Facebook event:

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The Helsinki Meeting Point Extended Edition 2014 @ Hurjaruuth 13.12.2014

The Helsinki Meeting Point was proud to present the third Extended Edition performance!

The third HMP Extended Edition presented a completely new lineup of performers, three dancers, three musicians and a light designer who met together before the performance, and had time to get to know each other, discuss their views on improvisation as well as scores and ideas for the performance, making for a very special version of the established HMP format.

Moritz Cartheuser – electric guitar
Mikko Innanen – saxophone
Heini Nukari – dance
Outi Pulkkinen – voice
Sten Rudstrom – dance
Terhi Vaimala – dance

plus Terhi Hienonen on lights.
The venue: Hurjaruuth Dance Theatre, Cable Factory, Helsinki.

On Saturday 13th of December at 17.00 there was an open discussion about improvisation with the professional artists and the audience in the Hurjaruuth foyer.
Participation to the discussion – free of charge.

Entrance to the performance 10 €, cash only.

The Helsinki Meeting Point is a production by Giorgio Convertito and Kaisa Kukkonen and is supported by Koneen Säätiö – Kone Foundation

Extended edition, picture

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The Helsinki Meeting Point presents: Solos @ Höyhentämö 17.10.2014

For the first time The Helsinki Meeting Point presented solos. Four performers showed improvised solos and the evening concluded with a quartet improvisation.

Salla Hakkola (electric harp)
Ville Hukkinen (percussions and vocals)
Pia Lindy (dance)
Paula Tuovinen (dance)

Tickets: 3€-21€, pay what you can afford.


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The Helsinki Meeting Point Classic @ Forum Box 6.6.2014

The Helsinki Meeting Point, dance and music improvisation event, returns with the usual two improvised sessions of 30min each, where creativity, intuition and instant composition create a fresh, inspiring and entertaining performance.

Tatjana Romanova (dance), Sami Haapala (dance), Mira Kautto (dance), Kirill Bojev (saxophone), Marc Vilanova (saxophone) and Sergio Andrés Castrillón (cello).

Forum Box, Helsinki, Friday 6th of June 2014, 19.00

Kirill Bojev (saxophone)
Sergio Andrés Castrillón Arcila (cello)
Sami Henrik Haapala (dance)
Mira Kautto (dance)
Tatjana Romanova (dance)
Marc Vilanova (saxophone)




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Helsinki Meeting Point Fresh Edition

The Helsinki Meeting Point returns with a fresh lineup of performers, new to the HMP experience. The Fresh Edition will take place in the vibrant stage of the Kirjasto 10 in central Helsinki, on April 5 at 16.00

Banana Pill (i.e. Sasha Kretova&Dmitri Zherbin – electronics)

Pauli Lyytinen (saxophone)

Minna Karttunen (dance)

Kaisa Kukkonen (dance)

Laura Jantunen (dance)


 pic, aino ojanen


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The Helsinki Meeting Point Extended Edition 2012 – Festival for free dance and music improvisation

We are pleased to announced another HMP Extended Edition after last year very exciting experience. The second HMP Extended Edition presents a completely new lineup of performers, four dancers and four musicians, who will meet together two days before the performance, giving them more time to get to know each other, dicuss their views on improvisation as well as scores and ideas for the performances. All the artists will be present on both performance nights, in different constellations as well as a full size group, making for a very special version of the established HMP format.
The venue will be again Hurjaruuth Dance Theatre, in the Cable Factory.

Also, on Saturday 8th of December at 17.00, in the Hurjaruuth foyer, there will an open discussion about improvisation with the professional artists and the audience. More information about this will follow soon. Participation to the discussion is free of charge.

The HMP Extended Edition 2012


James Andean (sounds)
Lily Kiara (dance)
Libero Mureddu (piano and keyboards)
Ulla Mäkinen (dance)
Aino Ojanen (dance)
Saara Rautio (harp)
Anni Rissanen (dance)
Eero Savela (trumpet)

Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth: Friday 7 and Saturday 8 December, 19.00
Tickets: 10 €, all tickets include entrance to both of the performances.
Booking: kaisa(dot)liisa(dot)kukkonen(at)gmail(dot)com / 041 436 1793

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A new season begins: the HMP + The Nothing Fields

The Helsinki Meeting Point returns on May 11th at Galleria Augusta, in Suomenlinna, starting at 19.00. The usual two improvised sessions of 30min each will be performed by a unique and unprecedented ensemble of dancers and musicians.

Earlier in the same afternoon, starting at 15.00, the HMP presents The Nothing Fields,  a concept by choreographer Michael Kliën for a dance installation where the visitors are welcome to come and go, sit, observe, walk or converse.
Six exceptional dancers take their turn on the dance floor to do nothing but dance themselves. Around it: benches, blankets, a tea and coffee-station, a bookshelf with a selection of books, drawing paper, notepads and pencils. Being in the wake of dancers in full flight, the audience is invited to utilise the time for inspiration, reflection and new thinking.

The Nothing Fields is curated by Giorgio Convertito and will feature Gabriela Aldana-Kekoni, Riikka Theresa Innanen, Jyrki Haapala, Sanna Myllylahti, Satu Rekola and Lucy Suggate (UK).


“For some time now my work has been concerned with the creation of fields, spaces or realms for embodied thought to take hold of the presence and reveal otherwise hidden realities. Realities that shamelessly disobey the dutiful ordering efforts, world-building and conventions of conscious minds: being in constant flux, unbound by stubborn mental-frames that rise through individuals and hives. (…) Maybe ‘NOTHING FIELDS’ is an attempt to clear and secure a space for the dancer to loosen his/her grip on the situation and become primal energy, a life giving something, a human being in the cradle of its context – to assume her, and with him all of our, role in the larger context of the living. It is for the choreographer to clear and prepare the stamping ground. It is for the dance to become fire for the village to gather around, to share modes of being that we all know, hidden in the figments of our flesh.”   MICHAEL KLIEN